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    Ray Tenorio and Tony Ada thank their supporters and visit other gubernatorial campaigns 

    August 25, 2018 

    Tamuning, Guam – Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and former senator Tony Ada continue their trek around the island this afternoon, visiting their supporters and wishing the other candidates and their teams the very best.  

    “This has been a very passionate campaign season. I know all of these candidates, their families, and supporters have worked very hard and made many sacrifices leading up to this point. We all want to do what’s best for our island and I respect them all for this,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said. 

    Former senator Tony Ada and his wife Annette spent most of their morning in southern Guam.

    “Annette and I have spent our day catching up with old friends and making new ones. Over the years, we have made friends throughout the island and elections have never interfered with this. We have been thanking our supporters and visiting our friends in the other campaigns,” Ada said. 

    The BOTA campaign slogan is “We Are Guam,” as it has been campaign focused on diversity and inclusion. 

    “Our message to the community today is, ‘All are welcome,’” Lt. Governor Tenorio said. 


    For more information contact Tina Blaz @ 482-1155

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    Republican Party Chairman calls Republican voters to the polls.

    Tamuning, Guam – August 25, 2018 - Republican Party Chairman Jerry Crisostomo is calling on Republicans to vote today.

    “Our island is a vibrant and diversified community because of Republican governance and leadership. It is imperative that we continue our progress of economic growth, low unemployment, paying tax refunds, government efficiency and educational excellence under Republican leadership at all levels,” Crisostomo said.

    In the last seven years:  

    Ø  Tax refunds are paid on time for the first time in decades

    Ø  Unemployment has fallen from over 13% to 4%

    Ø  Household income has risen over 18%   

    Ø  Tourism numbers are at historic highs

    Ø  The government deficit has been reduced from $336M to $72M

    Ø  The high school drop is down by 46%

    Ø  The high school graduation rate is up by 14%

    Ø  UOG graduation rates have increased by over 24% 

    “Today is our party’s primary election. All committed Republicans are encouraged to come out and vote for our party’s candidates,” Crisostomo said.

     If you need a ride to the polls, contact us at 969-2682.    

    ALL are welcome!


    For more information contact Tina Blaz @ 482-1155.


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    Candidates and BOTA campaign enthusiastic as election day kicks off.

    Tamuning, Guam – August 25, 2018 - Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and former Senator Tony Ada have cast their votes for the primary as the polls opened this morning.  The two candidates started their day bright and early, the Lt. Governor voting in his home village of Yigo and former Senator Tony Ada voting in Sinajana. 

    “We are humbled by the thousands who have supported us to this point. It has been an exciting year, and our organization has been exceptional and has worked really hard.  I want to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote today,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said.

    The Tenorio Ada team kicked off its campaign earlier this year and has been campaigning on transformational initiatives such as Tuition-Free Trades School and College.

    “Ray and I want to build a better future for all of our children and grandchildren. Education holds the key to higher-paying jobs, reduced crime, and building an economy that improves the government’s financial position,” Tony Ada said.

    Noting the record number of registered voters this year, as well as the passionate supporters from all campaigns, “I want to commend all the candidates and their supporters for their passion this election season, and we wish them all the very best today and in the future,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said.

    The Tenorio-Ada campaign is about inclusion and strength in diversity. All are welcome! Join the movement and visit www.tenorioada.com.  


    For more information, contact Tina Blaz @ 482-1155

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  • Tenorio Ada Vision for Guam

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  • Tenorio Ada Kick-Off


    #ProgressIsChange #RocktheBOTA #TenorioAda
    #bota2018 #WeAreGuam

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  • KasperConnie Dudkiewicz
    commented 2018-06-30 15:34:01 +1000
    May I suggest a one stop website to pay all your utilities. GPA GWA GSW. One website and choose by clicking one of three instead of 3 different sites.
  • Malory Cruz
    followed this page 2018-05-23 08:39:49 +1000
  • Frank Iriarte
    commented 2018-05-20 17:52:25 +1000
    Yes, we believe being good stewards of our island is not an option, but demands critical changes to the way we manage and protect our resources and environment. Our tourist will also benefit from it. May I recommend that your new administration, make the drastic changes to the current process of trash disposal and implement a one stop disposal site to eliminate the multiple decision making of what and where I can dispose of normal household trash/junk/renovations debris/appliances. To go to 4 separate sites, 1 government and three private, to dispose of trash, junk, metal recycle and green debris is frustrating. And still have junk that none will accept due to plastic, foam or other material infused, is equally frustrating. So, today, I find that someone illegally dumped a truck load of trash and junk(minibike, bicycles and tires), off the side of my street. Not the first time. The blame is the person, and the government for making it complicate to dispose of normal household trash/junk. Household means everything that one needs to dispose of.

    Looking forward to seeing your victory speeches.

    F. Iriarte.