Republican Party Chairman calls Republican voters to the polls.

Tamuning, Guam – August 25, 2018 - Republican Party Chairman Jerry Crisostomo is calling on Republicans to vote today.

“Our island is a vibrant and diversified community because of Republican governance and leadership. It is imperative that we continue our progress of economic growth, low unemployment, paying tax refunds, government efficiency and educational excellence under Republican leadership at all levels,” Crisostomo said.

In the last seven years:  

Ø  Tax refunds are paid on time for the first time in decades

Ø  Unemployment has fallen from over 13% to 4%

Ø  Household income has risen over 18%   

Ø  Tourism numbers are at historic highs

Ø  The government deficit has been reduced from $336M to $72M

Ø  The high school drop is down by 46%

Ø  The high school graduation rate is up by 14%

Ø  UOG graduation rates have increased by over 24% 

“Today is our party’s primary election. All committed Republicans are encouraged to come out and vote for our party’s candidates,” Crisostomo said.

 If you need a ride to the polls, contact us at 969-2682.    

ALL are welcome!


For more information contact Tina Blaz @ 482-1155.


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